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PO BOX 796

President: Dean Richards__Vice President: Blaise Leighton__Secretary: Toni Radcliffe__ Treasurer: Jodi Richards 

Becoming a Member of Our Club

Our membership list is growing all the time and we love to welcome all new members!

Membership registration is completed and paid online through RiderNet  or Registernow

The cost of joining our club is:

Single - $95.00 (One junior or senior rider)

Family - $175.00 (Two adults and their children under 18y/o)

Day - $20.00 (To ride our track all riders must be a financial member, valid for one rider on day of issue)

Social - $30.00 (One person for the year, non-rider)

When do I get to ride your awesome track?

Non-MWA Members 

Can ride at any of our Ride Park Days usually hosted on a Sunday afternoon. 

Pay any riding fees that are payable on the day.

Wear appropriate protective clothing and equipment.

MWA Members

Current club membership.

Current and valid MA recreational or MA national license.

Can ride at Ride Park Days at a reduced cost.

Can ride on practice days - Thursday, Friday and Sundays 3pm onwards.

Can ride at club competitive events.

Wear appropriate protective clothing and equipment

Pay any riding fees that are payable on the day (this is usually rider entry fees for special events, practice fees, sign on fee for race day, transponder fee).